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My Top 7 Cool Exhibitors at Consumer Electronics Show 2013

Check out Symform representative Leif Espelund's  personal picks of 7 innovative technologies that caught his eye at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. In Lief's words -

This past week we have been in fabulous Las Vegas for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Symform has met hundreds of great people in the Sustainable Planet section, where we exhibited our green backup solution.

When I had time to leave the booth, I made the rounds and explored what is new and cool in tech. It’s a bit overwhelming at CES and practically impossible to see everything, with over 3,100 exhibitors showcasing their latest products on more than 1.85 million square feet of exhibit space. To get the attention of the estimated 153,000 attendees, exhibitors needed to do something unique to rise above the noise (and oh is there noise!)

Here are 7 exhibits that caught my eye and got my attention. . .