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Vancouver is a hit - Top 7 Western Canada real estate news stories

2013 was clearly a memorable year for Vancouver's real estate market. Read the Top 7 Western Canada real estate stories here - that include Vancouver's record setting of the highest price Canadian luxury home sale and the City's approval for what promises to be a mind-boggling top heavy skyscraper.

US Metro Home Prices on the Rise


Home Prices Rise in Most Metro Areas in 2013

Median home prices are up nearly 13% from last year. Read

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Vancouver coach houses, stacked homes, duplexes among forecast for 2014

With overbuiliding in some areas and emerging housing designs taking root in other Vancouver neighbourhoods, local architect and planner Michael Geller predicts that coach houses, stacked homes and duplexes are going to be increasingly popular in 2014.  Check out Michael's sensible analysis of how local demographics, immigration, and planning policy are shaping Vancouver's future cityscape.